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Automatic Adjustable Rechargeable Pencil Sharpener Case Box Holder

$99.99 $22.99
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*Fully automatic, no need to hold the pencil in it, no need to press, sharpen it, and exit by itself;
*Automatic pencil sharpening, simple and safe operation, children can operate by themselves;
*Art students waste a lot of time sharpening pencils every day. With this, they free their hands;
*The best gift for children, high-value and practical;
*Thread hob, enclosed knife box, double protection, safe and not hurting hands;
*Charge for 1.5 hours, can sharpen 300+ times;
*Safety protection device does not work when charging;
*Suitable for pencils and color pencils with a diameter of 6-8mm;
*Round corners, triangles, and hexagons can be sharpened;
*Large capacity, easy to clean, no dirty hands;
*Automatic lead discharge hole design, no need to disassemble, easy discharge of broken lead;
*Non-slip pad at the bottom, will not turn around when sharpened;
*Durable ABS material.

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