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Full Head Skull Mask Skeleton Mask Halloween Costume Horror Evil Call Of Duty Mask Helmet With Movable Jaw Helmet

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Complete your look at your Halloween party with this realistic full-head mask. This Human Skull Mask is a great gothic gift for friends.

Or give yourself a personalized gift that only you have.


You can put it on Halloween or on a themed photo shoot, you'll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your mask. This mask is so realistic that no one will believe that this is a fake skull. 

Suitable for any clothing. Made of high-quality latex, it is durable and very comfortable.

Size- Optimal for a head circumference of 58-62 cm. The maximum head width is 18 cm. The maximum head length is 24 cm.

!!! Important !!!

Depending on the shape and size of the head, the mask sits in different ways. If the cheekbones are wider than 14 centimeters, there is a risk that the details of the jaw mechanism will press on the face. if the head is longer than 24 cm, the mask will not be able to wear! Be careful when measuring your face.


Gender: Unisex

Ages:Fun for all ages.

Dimensions:9 inches long.7 inch depth.6,1 inches wide.

Material:High-Quality Glass Fiber,latex, Oil paints

Package included:1 x Full head skull mask/helmet











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